dude i would watch a pog anime

fuckin spirit animals and shit coming out of slammers and the animals have to fight like yu gi oh

and the mc would be like "SLAM IIIIT!!"

yeah i'd watch that shit

1 year under our belts! here is the third collaboration from Issue 2. Get the full issue at cszine.com/store/ with all the behind the scenes content, interviews and more! Sketched by piplupcola.wix.com/alexandrias | Inked by twitter.com/sbcommissions | Coloured by peetsj.net/ | Support the project and keep us going! patreon.com/cszine (Patreon) | ko-fi.com/cszine (Ko-fi) #mastoart #art #zine #collab #zineart #steampunk #digitalart #illustration

How to infiltrate the Xanathar, with Gil the Wizard:
Purchase oversized Beholder plushie.
Cut a hole in the bottom front eye.
Shove the party Halfling into it to wear it as a disguise.
Walk up to the Xanathar's hideout and knock on the door.
"Hi there! My son here, he sure loves Beholders and just wants to meet more fans!"
Get led to where a mind flayer is torturing the missing person you're looking for.
Somehow bullshit your way past a goddamn mind flayer at lv2 and escape!
@captainbozo @limni

Having a rough RSI flare up in my dominant hand/arm so I've opened 5 non-dominent hand doodles on t.co/FoY7JplOXR for the next 5 people to send $15+ & send a ref sheet to wildelementstudios@live.ca using the email you paid with. Attached digital example but these will be traditional pencil sketches. ♡ #art #mastoart #temrin #commission #kofi #furry #furryart

we're seeing unprecedented egg levels

(97%) ■■■■■■■■■□

even well-rendered materials can use a boost to be more eye-catching. entirely painted with the hard round default brush in PS.
#creativetoots #mastoart #gameart #conceptart #tutorial #arttut

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chicken and biscuit experiment in the romertopf came out really good ❤️

the biscuit trapped a little more moisture than usual, so i'll have to factor that in the next time I make this, but the balance of the spices was perfect

NSFW threesome furry comic. Male, female, nonbinary 

YCH comic done for my wonderful patrons, @limni and @captainbozo also featuring my character Acacia. <3 Such wonderful clients! #art #furry #furryart #nsfw #porn #threesome #comic #mastoart

Fundraiser commission that helped me upgrade some of my setup to be more ergonomic because oh boy. This one for my friend Tenriss (furaffinity.net/user/tenrisss) who does awesome art too! The "once in a blue moon" human i draw. XD #art #human #fantasy #mastoart #temrin #copic #traditionalart #ink #marker #commission

FYI for the new folks: hovering over an image you're about to upload gives you the option to do two really cool things:

◽ Crop - lets you choose where the center of the image thumbnail is (no more unintentional crotch shots on full-body pics!)
◽ Describe for the visually impaired - several mastodon users use screenreaders and describing your images really helps them out! @PleaseCaption is your friend 👍

I have a lot of drawings in my trello queue marked 'wolf' 'wolf 1' 'wolf5' 'wolfy' SO it is time to post a few I think lol

#drawing #art #wolf #anthro #furry #mastoart #creativetoots

Someone just purchased this cute sticker (also comes as tshirts, mugs, etc) from my shop~ Seems to be really popular for the holidays and also on sale! Get yours at teepublic.com/sticker/1755052- on sale until Dec 7th! #art #cute #animals #fox #love #affection #cartoon #chibi #sale #art #temrin #mastoart #discount

Got more to catch up on but since my cross posting app now includes mastodon i can actually get things here easier <3 So stay tuned for regular helpings of temrin art!

Canvas Swap Issue 4 is now open for preorders at cszine.com/store/ ! Featuring cover artist furaffinity.net/user/olisnowpa and collab artists furaffinity.net/user/inkpawz furaffinity.net/user/zannah furaffinity.net/user/flinters
Once it's released on Dec 31st, the price goes up so preorder now! Limited phyiscal copies will be available through Canvas Swap and the participating artists in the new year!  
Want to get future physical issues, garuanteed? http

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