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howdy! i'm a queer computer animal who occasionally rants about coding and retrocomputing and magick and cartoon animal people

i'm still figuring out a lot about myself, and what i do know is a little bit strange. self-determinism in the context of identity is very important to me, and my behaviour and personality may be subject to sudden change

i'm always trying to learn lots of things, and will occasionally toot about that

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fursona tarot correspondences 

• aster would most likely be the Fool, or maybe Art/Temperance.
• rue is the Empress
• limni is the Magician or possibly the Tower
• voyo is Strength/Lust or the Star
• ramshackle is the Moon
• kirke is the Hierophant

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revised explanation of aggregate median structure 

in regards to the dominant aggregate median aspect of our system, we use a tiered identity model to describe the composite that makes up our current self at any given moment. some names repeat for historical reasons, which should not be taken to imply equivalence across levels. the scope of a given name is indicated by a numerical subscript suffix.

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masks(₂), current dramatis fursonae 

limni: anthro leopon. adventurer & psychonaut. somewhat power-hungry and obsessed with the occult. nonbinary skewing masc. guarded and sharp on the outside, tender-hearted and extraordinarily horny on the inside. they/them.

ramshackle: semiferal goat cryptid. hedonist and playful subversive. agender and unfathomably old. kind of shitty at magick, but it's their bread & butter. they/them.

aster: anthro skunk. tired, charming, and generally down for whatever. embodies the passive aspects of our trickster luck. transfem enby and enjoys the easy company of friends. they/them or she/her.

rue: feral lion. fiercely protective and loving in a maternal way. has a habit of adopting people. genderqueer but mostly femme. gray-ace. she/her.

voyo: feral alien wolf. reserved and somewhat stodgy unless someone manages to catch them off guard. enjoys archaeology and often works as a healer. horny out of curiosity, but mostly just curious. he/him.

kirke: feral doggo (australian kelpie). prefers an immediacy of experience. highly intelligent, but can't always put what they want to say into the right words. just kind of excited to be here. he's doing his best. he/him.

actually, thinking about it, how would a quadrupedal body plan affect a hypothetical alien's approach to ship design? what kinds of interfaces would exists? what kinds of anchoring and movement-facilitating technologies would be developed?

look at us, drifting through the ship, uselessly treading water as we float towards the wall, bracing for the inevitable and impotent thud of impact

coming from a family of storytellers makes it hard to resist the impulse, though

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narrativising anything is going to result in a loss of information, and it always makes us extremely nervous to do so

it's difficult not to dig in our claws and turn to rage and spite whenever we feel something threatening our precious little models, even knowing that holding on can be poison

will this ever get easier?

youtube link 

the song in question
of monsters and men - human

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we're at a place right now where we can be mostly at peace with the beasts within us, but when we first heard omam's "human", we were still very much afraid of ourself and what we could become if we ever lost vigilance

that particular song became the soundtrack for our unfettering

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the more times we listen to OMAM's beneath the skin, the more we find that we can relate to

like "human" doesn't hit the same notes for us that it used to, but it's still impactful, and empire and black water and wolves without teeth...

the lyric videos probably play a role in how much we like this album -- each one is as much a character study as it is a performance, and add an interesting depth that we can't really separate out from our overall experience of each song

we want to feel trees moving past us, the pressure of proximity and sharp caress of winter air keeping us true, in pursuit of delicious and enthralling scent and movement and sound

today seems to be a "deep thoughts; small brain" kind of day for us

can't seem to get any of our ideas fleshed out so our notes-to-self chat is just a mountain of sentence fragments rn lol

it is difficult to type accurately with paws


want to be called a good pup but also might bite your hand or worse

we may just be a dumb pile of animals and abstract concepts stumbling around aimlessly, but at least we're a _cute_ dumb pile of animals and abstract concepts stumbling around aimlessly

that has to count for something, right?

blaseball, weed, death mention? 

throwing peanuts at randall marijuana's corpse in the hopes that something interesting might happen

there's a memory that we're skating around the edges of, large and somehow obscured by a cloud of sensation, echoing from present to past

the fox prodded us out on another drive, aiming to taste some ocean air, and to dig our claws into pebble and sand, but the smoke rolled back in about 45 minutes into the drive, and we turned back around

swallowed by a vicious, vengeful sea
darker days are raining over me
in the deepest depths i lost myself
i see myself through someone else

it's incredibly difficult for us not to want to kool-aid-man burst through every wall in sight, especially metaphorical ones

it's unhealthy to expect to be functionally emic everywhere, but having a drive towards flexibilty and broad cultural fluency isn't in itself a bad thing

self boosts are legit and great for engaging with folks in different time zones if your goal is increasing engagement, but we kind of wish there was a way to specifically mute those for folks with smaller followlists

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