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howdy! i'm a queer computer cat who occasionally rants about coding and retrocomputing and cartoon animal people

i'm always trying to learn lots of things, and will occasionally toot about that

i have a mostly unironic appreciation for hackers and the wachovski's speed racer, though i acknowledge the problematic and objectively terrible aspects of them both

i know that someday i'll emerge from my comfy coccoon and devour the very fabric of space-time

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Ice cream portrait commission for @limni! Slots are still open, get your own for just $30!

all pipelines should involve cat at some point because meow

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I hate this fuckin Youtube ad that begins with "plastics. Our most dangerous addiction." Yeah I'm addicted to making plastics with all those polyethylene factories I own and control.


hello? yes, this is *the* thrustmaster

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Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the femboy in the short skirt?

Neo: I was...

Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.

[the femboy is now a trans girl deer with antlers wearing a t-shirt that says "down with cis." she holds out a hand toward neo with the Communist Manifesto]

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the fridge was beeping at me for leaving the door slightly ajar, but i thought it was part of the song, lol

it feels like a ramune drink and art stream kinda day

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ha oh my god

i just realized this works perfectly

the 'T bracket' is now the official trans pride bracket.

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i'm not a terribly good programmer, but i really enjoy solving problems in code, and if i can automate my way out of a problem with minimum maintenance debt then i am feeling 100% good about my life

spent almost the entire day inside the Code Zone and i feel awesome

along with all the nintendo hype, the sequel to ROM 2064 was announced, so i'm fukkin jazzed about that let me tell you

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mh, poly 

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a smol server for me and my friends