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masks(₂), current dramatis fursonae (1/2) 

limni: anthro leopon. adventurer & psychonaut. somewhat power-hungry and obsessed with the occult. our dominant mask — somewhat unstable, but caring and full of vitality and active trickster luck. more often than not acts out of love, though sometimes their plans can be a bit meddlesome. nonbinary skewing masc. guarded and sharp on the outside, tender-hearted and extraordinarily horny on the inside. they/them.

ramshackle: semiferal goat cryptid. often ends up acting as our low-power mode when we're recovering or can't be anyone else. hedonist and playful subversive. agender and unfathomably old. kind of shitty at magic, but it's their bread & butter. they/them.

aster: anthro skunk. tired, charming, and generally down for whatever. aster is us at our healthiest, emotionally-speaking. they're who we'd like to be, but can't always live up to. embodies the passive aspects of our trickster luck. transfem enby and enjoys the easy company of friends. they/them or she/her.

voyo: feral alien wolf. reserved and somewhat stodgy unless someone manages to catch them off guard. us at our most intellectual, without too much emotional imbalance. enjoys archaeology and often works as a healer. horny out of curiosity, but mostly just curious. he/him.


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fursona tarot correspondences 

• aster would most likely be the Fool, or maybe Art/Temperance.
• rue is the Empress
• limni is the Magician or possibly the Tower
• voyo is Strength/Lust or the Star
• ramshackle is the Moon
• kirke is the Hierophant

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revised explanation of aggregate median structure 

in regards to the dominant aggregate median aspect of our system, we use a tiered identity model to describe the composite that makes up our current self at any given moment. some names repeat for historical reasons, which should not be taken to imply equivalence across levels. the scope of a given name is indicated by a numerical subscript suffix.

"two of them" but every time anyone looks at the post, the number increases, including in the memory of all those that have seen it

terminal interfaces are kinda sexy, though

if there's anything we've learned from watching scifi is that literally every object needs to have incomprehensible terminal output scrolling on it somewhere constantly

Essay on mental illness and societies view of it. very long. a lot of triggering content ahead: abusive power structures, abusive parents, neglect, mental illness, suicide. beware. PART 1: intro 

theres this mentality among many Neurotypical people, even among some neutroatypical people, people who have common mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, that twists the definition of what "mental illness" means. They use it as a weapon. They use it to control and manipulate people. But theres a whole layer of insidiousness that often goes overlooked.

As yourself, what is the purpose of diagnosing a mental illness? Why do we do it? In theory, we diagnose people because they are suffering in some way, and being able to pinpoint how and why they are hurting can aid us in getting them the care they need, in order to begin recovery. This seems simple enough, right?

The issue then begins in power structures. Many people in the business of mental illness care not for what the mentally ill want or think, but more as Things to be Understood, and Fixed. We are Interesting test subjects.

queermisia, ableism, kinmisia 

There is this tendency on leftist spaces that care about respectablity (even if in an "it's cool to be an edgelord" sort of way) where people overanalyze identities that "seem too weird" in order to be able to say their discomfort with those identities and their inclusion has to do with those identities being problematic, which often relies on stereotypes, selective data and/or purposeful misunderstandings regarding what those identities are.

We finally migrated and updated our personal website! invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

If you've been debating making yourself a personal site, consider this your sign. Especially if you're alterhuman-- WereLibrary is back online and collecting website links and resources.

tech work, imposter syndrome probably 

while in reality we could probably do a lot of tech jobs, the more we learn about computers and the more experience we get in managing infrastructure, the less confident we are that we know anything at all

i like how when you are in SRE yr options are

- proprietary
- proprietary, but like, worse
- open source but lol military industrial complex
- open source but like, has 0 features and is not really meant for gui usage

this is fine :)


it's stinky, but kippered herring is such a comfort food for us

meta-adj, mh/nd, institutionalisation 

honestly as someone who spent their entire childhood being marginalised and medicalised and threatened with institutionalisation for behaviors that were almost entirely benign, fuck everything about that noise

rabbit junk xenospheres vinyl arrived in the mail, and the amazing gatefold art was an unexpected treat. love this album, so we're happy to have a physical copy, especially when it's this gorgeous

If open source means giving Amazon carte blanche to profit from your work and never contribute anything back, open source is worthless.

- Sincerely, an open source developer.

protip: write really fucking weird software and you don't have to worry about corporations co-opting your stuff.

Good morning! If your reaction to people you find odd is to support the carceral state, tell me and I'll block you! 🙂​ Have a good one!

had some good runs in hades, but we need to step away while we still have energy. gonna take care of a few lingering obligations and then turn in for the night — this weekend went by far too quickly.


snep made arepas again ♥

watching youtube videos about snakes with the fox and generally having a relaxing saturday night :3

personal, computing 

spent some time last night interrogating how we use our computers, and we came to the realization that the past few years of articulating more frequently with more appliance-like embedded machines and personal devices has changed how we interact with computers in general in a somewhat narrowing way

at some point along the line, we internalized a lot of the interaction patterns from mobile design and centralised social media, patterns oriented towards consumption and predominantly parasocial interaction, to the point where we boot into one of our laptops and find ourselves following those patterns even when we are not otherwise constrained by them

we're not 100% sure what to do with this observation, but we would certainly like to find some way to break the pattern in a sustainable and reinforceable way, or, rather, to find a new pattern that is more conducive to what we want to get out of our machines

we've explored and experimented with environments with enforced austerity, but honestly our best bet is more likely found in an honest engagement with our own desires and purpose for interacting with a given machine, and in the establishment of more robust contextual reinforcement. we're not sure we can sustainably rely on willpower or any kind of historically-situated minimalism alone

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