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howdy! i'm a queer computer cat who occasionally rants about coding and retrocomputing and cartoon animal people

i'm always trying to learn lots of things, and will occasionally toot about that

i have a mostly unironic appreciation for hackers and the wachovski's speed racer, though i acknowledge the problematic and objectively terrible aspects of them both

i know that someday i'll emerge from my comfy coccoon and devour the very fabric of space-time

thinking of switching to a rolling release personality update model

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okay, so after recovering from a bout of the flu, it seems like i've gone through Yet Another Personality Change so i dunno new day new me, i guess

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As a plural trans hacktivist, I:

-illegally optimize my mind and body with chemicals

-access and modify data without proper authorization

-maintain multiple Ghosts with different specialties

-speak up and struggle against oppressive authorities

-pepper my daily speech with terms from sci-fi media

-do all of this with no regard to mainstream opinions

In other words, I *am* cyberpunk, and all the cishet white dudebros can eat their hearts out - the future is *now*, and we're *it*, old men!

i feel like a piece of plastic in one of those model kit sprue lattices and i'm ready to be popped the fuck out of it

time and space are really uncomfy

i feel trapped in the now

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the trans experience is slowly getting frustrated that everyone unnecessarily infuses gender into everything

y'all ever read something that was so distressingly straight that you have to immediately run for a drink of that big queer energy to even begin to shake it off

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Tech bro gender essentialists in Silicon Valley like to defend the gender gap in their industry by claiming men are more "hardwired" for tech work due to lack of human interaction or emotional work, yet almost every problem coming out of that field is related to its negative impacts on people, failure to recognize how their customers interact with their products, etc.

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i'm covered in paint and sawdust and feeling pretty darn good about my life

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a smol server for me and my friends