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masks(₂), current dramatis fursonae (1/2) 

limni: anthro leopon. adventurer & psychonaut. somewhat power-hungry and obsessed with the occult. our dominant mask — somewhat unstable, but caring and full of vitality and active trickster luck. more often than not acts out of love, though sometimes their plans can be a bit meddlesome. nonbinary skewing masc. guarded and sharp on the outside, tender-hearted and extraordinarily horny on the inside. they/them.

ramshackle: semiferal goat cryptid. often ends up acting as our low-power mode when we're recovering or can't be anyone else. hedonist and playful subversive. agender and unfathomably old. kind of shitty at magic, but it's their bread & butter. they/them.

aster: anthro skunk. tired, charming, and generally down for whatever. aster is us at our healthiest, emotionally-speaking. they're who we'd like to be, but can't always live up to. embodies the passive aspects of our trickster luck. transfem enby and enjoys the easy company of friends. they/them or she/her.

voyo: feral alien wolf. reserved and somewhat stodgy unless someone manages to catch them off guard. us at our most intellectual, without too much emotional imbalance. enjoys archaeology and often works as a healer. horny out of curiosity, but mostly just curious. he/him.


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fursona tarot correspondences 

• aster would most likely be the Fool, or maybe Art/Temperance.
• rue is the Empress
• limni is the Magician or possibly the Tower
• voyo is Strength/Lust or the Star
• ramshackle is the Moon
• kirke is the Hierophant

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revised explanation of aggregate median structure 

in regards to the dominant aggregate median aspect of our system, we use a tiered identity model to describe the composite that makes up our current self at any given moment. some names repeat for historical reasons, which should not be taken to imply equivalence across levels. the scope of a given name is indicated by a numerical subscript suffix.

working towards a firm mastery of the basics so we can justifiably throw everything in the blender as soon as creaturely possible

So in the Hitman games, you can hurl a briefcase at people to knock them out at medium-short ranges.

When you throw at a specific person it's guaranteed to hit, which means that behind the scenes it's doing a bit of seeking. Usually this is unnoticeable since people move at like, walking speeds.

So what happens when you chuck it right as someone takes off on a jetski?

bullying our demons into buying us a soda at the 7-11

<disembodied chanting as you try to sleep> Please provide feedback for your NeuroGlyph purchases

going full reversible destiny and adding a cacophony of less than subtle slopes to every single surface in this woefully convenient flatland of a house

just chirping with desire this morning, apparently

want to hear synths that sound like the way a school lunchroom dumpster smells


vampirically harvesting enthusiasm from other furs and transmuting it into adorably small pastries and cookies and snacks

anyway this is part of why it is a HUGE deal that gay people, and aspects of our personal lives that cishets share openly, are considered inappropriate for children and for public spaces where children are present.

it is a defining nature of our oppression, like that of ableism, that gay people arise in every setting from every background and are largely raised by people who do not share our oppression. and parents have a frightening amount of control over their children.

while it is almost never true of any period in history or in any place that *adults* are truly ignorant of gay people, it is *often* true that for a substantial portion of our childhoods, gay children's only exposure to gay people is threats and dire warnings.

the illusion for gay adults that there are no gay people in the past is relatively incomplete. by contrast, the illusion that there are no gay people, in the past or now, is relatively complete for gay children.

openly gay teachers are life-or-death.

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pouring through corresondences and running numerous grueling calculations to determine the most auspicious time to cook this rare and precious container of instant yakisoba


we're being rather reckless with the setup on this x230t, and are thoroughly enjoying it. had 9front installed, but it doesn't look like it or openbsd want to play friendly with the shitty realtek wifi in this thing, so we're gonna get a void install set up on there so we can play with the software coreboot/bios flashing methods a little so we can eventually get a modern wifi card in there. might save the coreboot part until we can properly neutralize the ME and just work through a whitelist removal tutorial for the stock bios that we found while duckduckgoing around the other evening for funzies instead


gazebosaga episode i: der wille zur macht
gazebosaga episode ii: jenseits von gut und böse
gazebosaga episode iii: also sprach zarathustra
gazeboblade chronicles
gazeboblade chronicles x
gazeboblade chronicles 2
gazeboblade chronicles 2: torna ~ the golden country

picture of a coffee can, eye contact (drawing) 

he really does have Some Kind of Expression

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arguing with the fox about whether the dude on the pokka coffee cans has his mouth open or closed and honestly we're just glad that coffee dude looks like he's having a good time. or a time. he's certainly having something

imagine yourself growing


ever larger

as large as the Big Chungus himself

no, not the Big Chungus of the memes

the true Big Chungus, who is as Big as All Outdoors

who is as Big as the Universe

whose Feet stand upon Nothing

whose Mouth is as Fire

whose Ears fade out of this cosmos into another one altogether

the absolutely Biggest Chungus Of All

once you have fully assumed the role of the Biggest Chungus then proceed to the next part of the rite

hanging out in the parking lot of the teriyaki place & studying while we wait for our order ♥

hey if you're a computer person would you like to fill out this form to see how well known these cursed computer things are?

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