masks(₂), current dramatis fursonae (1/2) 

limni: anthro leopon. adventurer & psychonaut. somewhat power-hungry and obsessed with the occult. our dominant mask — somewhat unstable, but caring and full of vitality and active trickster luck. more often than not acts out of love, though sometimes their plans can be a bit meddlesome. nonbinary skewing masc. guarded and sharp on the outside, tender-hearted and extraordinarily horny on the inside. they/them.

ramshackle: semiferal goat cryptid. often ends up acting as our low-power mode when we're recovering or can't be anyone else. hedonist and playful subversive. agender and unfathomably old. kind of shitty at magic, but it's their bread & butter. they/them.

aster: anthro skunk. tired, charming, and generally down for whatever. aster is us at our healthiest, emotionally-speaking. they're who we'd like to be, but can't always live up to. embodies the passive aspects of our trickster luck. transfem enby and enjoys the easy company of friends. they/them or she/her.

voyo: feral alien wolf. reserved and somewhat stodgy unless someone manages to catch them off guard. us at our most intellectual, without too much emotional imbalance. enjoys archaeology and often works as a healer. horny out of curiosity, but mostly just curious. he/him.


masks(₂), current dramatis fursonae (2/2) 

kirke: feral doggo (australian kelpie). prefers an immediacy of experience. highly intelligent, but can't always put what they want to say into the right words. just kind of excited to be here. he's doing his best. a very rare mood, and sometimes unsafe for us to embody without evoking trauma. he/him.

rue: feral lion. fiercely protective and loving in a maternal way. she generally comes out when we have someone else to protect or care for, and they don't need us to be someone else. has a habit of adopting people. genderqueer but mostly femme. gray-ace. she/her.

sang: feral black and silver dragon. old, detached, and extremely possessive. she does not need to take, because everything is already hers. she indiscriminately devours and destroys with little in the way of feeling, save for a general disdain for any who would contest or belabor her rule. she is a part of us, but not a healthy one, and we are working with her to understand more about ourselves. ace/aro. she/her.

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