in the mood to make interesting mistakes

@limni I feel like you've just encompassed the spirit of what I was trying to say to @dogstar - that if there are too many guardrails on how are you going to accidentally do something amazing?

@grimmware @dogstar exactly! like, we've definitely crashed and burned while experimenting, but we always end up learning something from the experience, lessons that can often be applied judiciously in the context of the slow and careful

@limni @grimmware yeah, totally! i have no desire to do something amazing, but every desire to do something that is, at least, weird and different

@dogstar @limni

Some of the best things I do start out as complete accidents and then I lean in to them. Or at least I assume so?

I mean how do you tell the difference between an honest belief that everything you do is intentional and some really deep-seated confirmation bias?

@grimmware @dogstar

in the sense of fully aware, conscious intention and a→b→c logical progression, we're not really sure how much of what we actually do in a given day fits that bill, much less what happens in the context of creative experimentation

but in the sense that there may be an underlying order or associative process that leads to certain decisions and behaviors, then we're willing to locate much of that agency within ourself

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