food, food-adj? 

browsing the 7-11 on doordash and they had fucking listerine in the candy section

magic history, magic murder?, also vivisection 

reading more about anna bonus kingsford in butler's victorian occultism and the making of modern magic and holy hell this was a bit of a curveball after a comparatively drier preamble about the impact of lรฉvi & mackenzie and many of the other doubtful adoptees from the golden dawn's vernacular/mythic history

picture of a coffee can, eye contact (drawing) 

he really does have Some Kind of Expression

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unnecessarily gendered gaming products 

trading cardists of the.... fairer sex need not apply

video james, console customization 

thought we'd posted this here, but guess not โ€” we, umm, dropped our switch a little while back and supremely fucked up both the main case and the joycons, so we took some time last week to move all of the guts into a different housing. we somehow lost the little metal part that holds the kickstand on, but we never use the kickstand so we're not in a hurry to remedy that. cool and totally normal sheep sticker by the wonderful solomonfletcher. :3

the premiere issue of Tales from Fiddler's Green arrived, and the printing is just *gorgeous*. we're really looking forward to listening to the included flexi & digging into its pages

stickerified the x230t while we wait for the hand-me-down ssd to clone over :3

just got an emergency weather notification on my phone titled "HYDROLOGIC OUTLOOK" and when i opened it it was just this

started reading Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic by Butler this morning. still in the introduction, but this book sure is opening strong.

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