apparently if you put in 6.66 as the price of something on bandcamp, the text box throws horns

got our facsimile copy of computer lib/dream machines in the mail and it is _gorgeous_

also honkin' huge. finding a space in our shelving was a challenge, lol

really looking forward to digging into it, but given the density of the text, it might take us a while to finish

made a simple site for my new server and threw it up at gemini:// :3

there's not much there yet, but it makes me super happy that it exists

hey, are you a fucking nerd that lives in the northern hemisphere, uses python 3, and likes the moon?

if so, here is a simple python script that you can roll into your shell prompt or statusline to show an emoji of the moon, probably

picture of smol snake friend 

bozo took a really cute picture of our babby snek friend last night and i just love them so much

so happy we were able to bring this friendo back from the dead. still need to fix that sprite in the upper left corner of the now playing screen, but that at least is an easy modification. currently at 384 gigs of flash storage with a 3000mah battery, which is more than enough for our current needs :3

hsl spectrum gender: apparently that weird yellow-green that was on like atrac3 players and stuff back in the 00s: []
(thanks @starkatt for the idea)

woohoo it's alive. we're using the fork of drawterm and apparently some of the flags are different from those laid out in the sdf docs. derp.

had some free time this morning, so we decided to build a keyboard inside of a cigar box using a spare ortho pcb and some gateron blues we desoldered from a few of our failed experiments last night

we *could* leave it as is, but we're strongly tempted to stick a pi and an lcd in there and turn it into an impromptu cyberdeck

finished reassembling the candy cab with my fox last night, and while it still needs a little bit of love and a fair bit of cleaning, it works great. we're hoping to commission a custom marquee for the machine with our sonas on it, too, but are still figuring out the details :3

snake mention??? 

the fox named them lazarus/lazzy and they're very sweet and i love them

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set a drawing of ramshackle (who is honestly my primary fursona at this point) as my DM42's off image. had to do some image processing to make it work in 1-bit b&w but it makes my calculator feel a little bit more personal now :3

original art (which is nsfw) by

laptop sticker-collage photo, some stickers semi-lewd 

went into hyperfocus earlier today, and covered my t61p frankenpad with a sticker collage to commemorate getting a working plan 9 environment up and running on the thing ♥

plan9 screenshot, but with semi-lewd furries and weed 

woohoo i'm starting to get the hang of this! (art in image viewer by @MelTheCannibal)

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