had some free time this morning, so we decided to build a keyboard inside of a cigar box using a spare ortho pcb and some gateron blues we desoldered from a few of our failed experiments last night

we *could* leave it as is, but we're strongly tempted to stick a pi and an lcd in there and turn it into an impromptu cyberdeck

finished reassembling the candy cab with my fox last night, and while it still needs a little bit of love and a fair bit of cleaning, it works great. we're hoping to commission a custom marquee for the machine with our sonas on it, too, but are still figuring out the details :3

snake mention??? 

the fox named them lazarus/lazzy and they're very sweet and i love them

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set a drawing of ramshackle (who is honestly my primary fursona at this point) as my DM42's off image. had to do some image processing to make it work in 1-bit b&w but it makes my calculator feel a little bit more personal now :3

original art (which is nsfw) by @satanandsolomon@twitter.com

laptop sticker-collage photo, some stickers semi-lewd 

went into hyperfocus earlier today, and covered my t61p frankenpad with a sticker collage to commemorate getting a working plan 9 environment up and running on the thing ♥

plan9 screenshot, but with semi-lewd furries and weed 

woohoo i'm starting to get the hang of this! (art in image viewer by @MelTheCannibal)



ᵃˡˢᵒ ˢᵒʳʳʸ ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ᵐʸ ᵐᵉˢˢʸ ᵈᵉˢᵏ

excited to see myself making progress on the obligatory queer denim patchwork jacket front

really happy with how the sticker collage on my "new" laptop turned out :3

silly, lewdish? 

this shit right here (taken with my cell phone because i was too lazy to obs)

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feline librarian smokes to obtain eldritch power, visits other planets to pet local dogs

moved some pins and a patch to my new (enough) backpack.

i started off trying to sew the patch on, but there was some kind of plastic layer that was absurdly difficult to penetrate with my crappy embroidery needles. safety pins seemed to work alright though! :3

swapped out the pins on my backpack and feeling pretty good about the result

found a bunch of old movies on laserdisc at goodwill today for super cheap... now i just gotta track down a player

@captainbozo is sending me links to shareware collections on the internet archive and it's been really fun to poke around and see what's inside them


boner petif

i'll probably do a few things differently in terms of spices next time, but overall i'm happy with how this turned out ♥

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ruby koans spoilers?? 

woohoo! i did it! :3 i finished working through the ruby koans 😸
that was an exceedingly fun way to get acquainted with the language. i wonder if there's anything similar for other languages?


chicken and biscuit experiment in the romertopf came out really good ❤️

the biscuit trapped a little more moisture than usual, so i'll have to factor that in the next time I make this, but the balance of the spices was perfect

mac se/30 stuff 

welp, looks like i'll be picking up a SD2SCSI soon, after all XP

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