started reading Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic by Butler this morning. still in the introduction, but this book sure is opening strong.

odroid go super 

our odroid go super arrived, and we've been tinkering with it a little bit, most importantly by adding a few stickers to the back. we're using the techtoytinker ubuntu 20.04 image and it seems to run everything just about as well as expected, with a few rough edges here and there

raspi noodling 

got the official demo script from waveshare working, but papertty keeps crunching up the display for some reason. we'll have to dig around and see if we're missing something. if the demo is any indication, though, this'll look lovely once we have everything properly working

new & improved monsterfucker bingo (the one posted by ) 

snake, eye contact, heckin' adorable 

bozo just sent us this photo of our snake child and we just love them so much

video james, paradise killer 

okay but we might have a slight crush on crimson acid and we only just met her

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nervously waiting for infinitime to flash (we have an early dev unit that didn't have wireless flashing ootb)

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monster fucker bingo, lewd 

i, umm, don't think we've ever filled in all of the squares on a bingo card before

granted, the ones with ram in them are more of an "it depends" than a yes, but still

(not sure about original, but we found the blank copy we used here: ; stickers by Temrin, SolomonFletcher, & Swizzlestix)

apparently if you put in 6.66 as the price of something on bandcamp, the text box throws horns

got our facsimile copy of computer lib/dream machines in the mail and it is _gorgeous_

also honkin' huge. finding a space in our shelving was a challenge, lol

really looking forward to digging into it, but given the density of the text, it might take us a while to finish

made a simple site for my new server and threw it up at gemini:// :3

there's not much there yet, but it makes me super happy that it exists

hey, are you a fucking nerd that lives in the northern hemisphere, uses python 3, and likes the moon?

if so, here is a simple python script that you can roll into your shell prompt or statusline to show an emoji of the moon, probably

picture of smol snake friend 

bozo took a really cute picture of our babby snek friend last night and i just love them so much

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