listening to bonobo and trying to push through another challenging morning

@chosafine i would have been so screwed if something like this existed when i was younger. what the fuck even is this timeline

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dragons, trans-adjacent 

overly dramatic bullshit, contd., mh? 

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overly dramatic bullshit 

psychic self defense system kicked in hard last night after getting spooked, and now i'm groggily faced with the "was my previous state a sufficiently functional perspective shift to warrant diving back in?" dilemma again

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mosh is the ideal software. you may not like it, but this is what peak computers looks like

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This was a long time coming. Ho boi did it take a while to get it done but hey, 16 characters and a full background. That's a lot of work!

This was a celebratory image for my Patreon ( ) patrons when we reached a goal in late 2019.

#mastoart #creativetoot #ych #furryart #anthro #fantasy #group #digitalart

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Taking HRT is just debugging your endocrine system in production


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tbh the fediverse has been a big help in keeping me sane through everything that's been happening these past few years. it's helped me feel connected and has sent me down so many interesting rabbit holes...

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Re: work venting 

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time to play "which firewall config is fucking me now"

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Humans need to acknowledge that they're animals and that they have normal animal drives instead of just pathologizing everything.

Humans need to find reasonable ways to express their drives instead of bottling it up or hurting things around them.

A human who believes they aren't an animal probably isn't paying close enough attention to what they want or why they want it.

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