keep your trash and your food in the same bag for easy storage

I just discovered the most delightful auto-generated travel website
(this is somewhere in France apparently)

studying rambles 

like, yes, we could duckduckgo someone else's cheat sheets and references (gods know we have enough tacked up in our office -- the one we have of the tree of life next to our desk still gets a lot of mileage), but actually organizing and writing out all the information is the only way we've ever been able to do larger scale memorization, outside of picking things up gradually and systemically. it's just that the latter is going a little bit slow for us, and we need to get better about bootstrapping the learning process so we can better put the knowledge into actual godsdamn practice.

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trying to put together spreadsheets to help us develop some study aids, but it turns out that data entry is kind of tedious

@yrabbit we only got to visit weird stuff once, but even with such a brief acqaintance we could tell it was something special. we're sad that we'll never get to explore that place again.

People have been trying for decades to make Cthulhu scary. It's a demon with an octopus for a head. You and I both know that's not scary. It's not even particularly creative. If you really tried, you could come up with something much scarier than Cthulhu with ease. Please stop trying to force this issue.

absolutely nsfw, fine, I'll show Sea Salt but only to satisfy Morgan's curiosity 

@Colophonscrawl @ItsMorgan that last image is glorious

throwing our remaining humanity into the airlock and consigning that fucker to the vacuum of space


we ordered pho and holy hells our body is ready

Fool: When Twitter and Furaffinity finally destroy themselves, many of their users will move to Mastodon

Wise Man: When Twitter and Furaffinity finally destroy themselves, their users will come together across cultures and creeds to build a single replacement website from scratch, called, "GrunkYapperz". It will be built on a new platform called "PHP-VR" and completely controlled by a single mysterious admin known only as "SlurpyGryphon"

re: food, repost with cw 

@KitRedgrave i mean, we've hacked together some weird junk food meals, too, but we lack whatever strange glint it was that compelled the author of this work to commit such monstrosities to print

food, repost with cw 

@KitRedgrave still reeling from "5 inches of velveeta"

food, repost with cw

haha wow these are some really cursed recipes; and yet some of them might even work

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