singing along to the beths is helping somewhat <3


is there a word for when you stare at a shitty stucco ceiling long enough that the textured surface starts to ebb and flow and shift like a gently rippling pond?

my book juggling is getting out of control again. i need to freeze my reading list for a bit until i actually finish something

hmm, anyone know of any trans/furry friendly pagan/magick-oriented telegram groups or discord servers?

coffee break 

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using firefox and thunderbird as part of my resolution to only use software that has a fursona

i think i like the autumn version of myself best, or at least that's when i seem to feel the most calm and contemplative

idk if it's like this for anyone else, but i feel like my personality changes slightly with each season. once the air starts to change, it's like i can feel myself changing with it, the weight of myself shifting and reconfiguring itself in different ways

you ever get that feeling like your alarm clock is going off when you're already awake?

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fukkin jazzed that ff8 on switch is less than a month away, tho

upside/downside, i retail therapy'd myself a pile of books that should be arriving piecemeal over the next couple of weeks. didn't need to spend the money, but i'm glad that i'm getting back in the habit of reading again

sorry about that, i added CWs to my Morning Rant

edgy movie tropes 

edgy movie tropes 

i guess that's more than just a feeling, huh?

you ever get the feeling like you're about to dream about a particular place before you're even asleep?

when you can feel the gravity of a particular dreamscape, the tendrils of environmental memory starting to drag you down into its own particular form or level of consciousness

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a smol server for me and my friends