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time and space are really uncomfy

i feel trapped in the now

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the trans experience is slowly getting frustrated that everyone unnecessarily infuses gender into everything

y'all ever read something that was so distressingly straight that you have to immediately run for a drink of that big queer energy to even begin to shake it off

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Tech bro gender essentialists in Silicon Valley like to defend the gender gap in their industry by claiming men are more "hardwired" for tech work due to lack of human interaction or emotional work, yet almost every problem coming out of that field is related to its negative impacts on people, failure to recognize how their customers interact with their products, etc.

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mh- shitpost 

having a minor flashback and alternating between breakdown and trying to comfort and convince yourself that you're safe

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endo adjusted my meds again.

back onto the rollercoaster i go



chili mango and dry smoked salmon is a surprisingly good combo

i'm covered in paint and sawdust and feeling pretty darn good about my life

witchy shit, gender 

like, i want to understand a lot of this mystic shit, but i also want to blast the gender binary into the gravity well of a black hole

witchy stuff, queer 

a lot of these mysteries and secrets and shit that just turn out to be cishet sex magic ring kind of strange as someone who is both trans and queer, or at least feel more than a little alien to me

i wonder if this stuff feels more profound or affirming to straight folks, or whether it comes off just as strange

witchy shit, mh? 

hop-scotching between multiple systems while trying to work through MMM and Kybernetos is kind of a juggling act, but every step forward is bringing back or at the very least rendering comprehensible more and more lost memories from my last foray into the weird and witchy. not 100% sure how to feel about that, but at least i have a community this time.

listening to the Espers on a crisp autumn morning ♥

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How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

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We’ve cracked $8k, but still have $16,000 to go before hitting our base goal of $24,000 before November 6th!

Have YOU seen the deliciousness that is BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET - the LGBTQ+ erotica art book all about demons? 🔞😈✨

if limni was a dragon their hoard would just be a mountain-shaped labyrinth of overflowing bookshelves

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