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Please look at this Extremely Good and Perfect Creak by one of my best friends; Jackalteeth on Twitter!

He is a gift and I love him so much hjfghh



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An introduction to metamodernism: the cultural philosophy of the digital age

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bro what if we kissed in the bon appétit test kitchen

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Drugs & Wires was overdue for some promo art, so here's an illustration I've been working on!
Could the world's most incompetent cyberware installer become the leader this hellhole truly needs??
Full Res on patreon:

stayed up late playing civ with friends last night. it was really nice ♥

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nazis dont get to use nordic runes it is now banned

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Your frequent reminder that a huge reason why furry hasn't been completely taken over and commercialized by corporations yet is because a huge part of our creative effort is queer, sexual, kinky, incredibly progressive/revolutionary, or any combination of the above.

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introducing my new recommendation for the fediverse: embrace, extend, extinguish:

hugs are now free
long boys are up to 20% longer
you don't have to be on fire if you don't want to be

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*Lou Bega voice*

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo Numbers Station

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earlier in the song I used the term “galvinistic,”

i'm tired of being human adult. can't i just be animal person instead?

thinking of switching to a rolling release personality update model

mh, hrt 

horny, hrt 

okay, so after recovering from a bout of the flu, it seems like i've gone through Yet Another Personality Change so i dunno new day new me, i guess

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As a plural trans hacktivist, I:

-illegally optimize my mind and body with chemicals

-access and modify data without proper authorization

-maintain multiple Ghosts with different specialties

-speak up and struggle against oppressive authorities

-pepper my daily speech with terms from sci-fi media

-do all of this with no regard to mainstream opinions

In other words, I *am* cyberpunk, and all the cishet white dudebros can eat their hearts out - the future is *now*, and we're *it*, old men!

i feel like a piece of plastic in one of those model kit sprue lattices and i'm ready to be popped the fuck out of it

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a smol server for me and my friends