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hopefully this project will lead to my first PCB fabrication, but who knows if it will get that far ♥️

all that said, i had an amazing weekend relaxing and gaming and hacking with the fox and i just feel really good

like realistically (whatever that means in the scope of this fantasy) there would be bullshit and hazards and nonstop work to keep that whole situation going, but i still want it, either way

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between playing outer worlds and stellaris i am right now very much in the *~space zone~*

like, i don't know how well i'd actually handle the whole being-in-a-spaceship experience, but i would love to be able to explore and see cool things

and when things start to suck on planet whatever, i can gtfo and find some new place to explore

can i just like, find a cool gently crashed spaceship and then fuck off to explore the galaxy already because i'm kinda fucking done


sometimes noise/sound art is the only form of music that is remotely comfortable to listen to

the structure in a lot of music is strangely unnerving at times

other times it's comforting

*big shrug*


can someone beam me the fuck up or something because i want off


time to rewatch lain for the fifty billionth time

finally finishing some of the books that have been hovering in my backlog and dang it's a good feeling

getting that zachtronics itch... i still have the completion envelope for exapunks sitting on my work table and i want to properly earn the right to open it

last weekend i made a conscious effort to stay away from any and all chat apps, and forbade myself from studying, and damn do i feel a lot better. now i just need to find a healthy balance so that i can live the life i want without it literally or figuratively killing me

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somehow over the past year, i forgot how to just sit and be. i was trying so hard to get something out of every moment of every day, even when that was meditation or reading or what-have-you. it's still hard not to turn everything into form of work.

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i've started taking my breaks outside when i can, just sitting and spending time with the plants and bugs

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