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this just came up on defcon radio and gods is it gorgeous
kyson -- she said to me quietly


snep is cooking bacon and the wonderful smell that is currently filling the house is highly illegal

woo well we crashed pretty hard for a while, but we're wide awake now XP

good links featuring otherkin, species dysphoria(++) 

This article here is surprisingly radical. Features Alt+H, the Freedom of Form Foundation (which I didn't know existed until now), and a serious discussion that goes beyond just "are otherkin trans?/of course not, that's offensive".

Among other things, it's good-- it's shocking, really, especially in 2020 with so many other causes to fight for-- that someone outside the otherkin community is actually standing up for transspecies folks (and our right to say transspecies!). A look at the byline gives an Ana Valens as the author; if she's the same person as another Ana I conversed with years ago, there's some precedence for this. I discussed species dysphoria with her a couple of times, and she proceeded to write a blog post about how folks like us needed to be accepted for what we were. It just blew my mind that someone who isn't us would speak so loudly for us. So if it is her, it'd be on brand, at least.


ordered some curry and it's literally all we can think about rn

no more oasis in the anthropocene
only flat black glass
under the waves and gone at, gone at last
wolf parade -- forest green

A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

Very busy today because: a dead Soviet satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket upper-stage may collide in just under 3 hours, been monitoring it for a few days now and predictions have them passing just 25m away from each other, yikes!

Some perspective: the closing speed for this collision is 14.2km/sec, so if they miss by 25 meters, that means they occupied the same area in space only 0.00176sec apart.

no freaking clue what they're saying in this track, but it came up on shuffle and we've been grooving out to it for however many minutes
abronia -- half hail

what if the act of simply creating something and caring about things was in itself holy and blessed?

Okay so I'm reading Qoheleth by @makyo and I'm finding myself really affected by it being set in a year 2112 where Furry is still a niche but vibrant subculture.

I love the idea of us neither assimilating or fading away, and of self-representative VR tech being Really Good but still having not reached magitech posthumanism.

(you can read it at !)

Look at these tiny MOSFET’s *_*
(Soldering as a meditative practice)

Humans list their species in their profile challenge :wolftaur:

gods, we would love to do curatorial work again someday

dragons finding employment as a librarian or museum curator to satisfy hoarding tendencies nonmonetarily


first experiment -- carrot soy-ginger rice with black fungus: decidedly okay. not terrible, but the ginger & pepper clobbered literally everything else. the texture of the fungus was nice, though. will probably mostly use this in soups and with noodles.

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i pulled myself up to see
4, 3, 2, 1
an endless row of orange blossoms
and wisteria
john vanderslice -- team stammer/savior machine

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