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those moments when you have to stop typing and start over because the glyphs and the sequence in which they have been ordered have suddenly become confusing and alien

fruit update: many kinds of fruit currently exist

it's cool that they finally made clippy a playable character in p5s

new type of enby who has strong opinions on furry porn games

the host is literally introducing each performer from his car live while driving a bunch of of computers to the recycling center. it's kind of wild.

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listening to this month's audio waffle set and trawling pdfs in the reading room :3

feeling like there should be a way to narrativise our often stumbling, grammatically repetitive compositional habits to make them seem less sloppy and sophomoric than they actually are, instead of putting in the work of actually becoming a better writer

plausible but cursed 

product-placement subsidized commissions of more well known fursonas

I like being part of a social group where I can be all “I would like to relinquish humanity and be a sexy lizard robot” and that’s normal

restructuring our subjective experience as a series of thematically varied montages

reflexively refreshing our own profile and wondering why no new posts are showing up before remembering that we actually have to write something for that to happen

started reading Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic by Butler this morning. still in the introduction, but this book sure is opening strong.

accused of being a gamer by our own husband on this fine saturday evening

building a keyboard that magnetically accelerates a keycap into low earth orbit every time we try to make a post

A little portrait of my childhood cats, Buster and Jojo 💕 I miss you guys!

Shares and feedback would mean the world 💕

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