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maybe we'll drag the fox out to visit the salmon hatchery once he's been vaxxed :3:3:3

we remember listening to a local approximation of zydeco and bapping anyone who came near with an inflatable saxophone. it was kinda great

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suddenly remembering the fish races at the catfish festivals we used to go to as a kidling

lighting a scented candle labeled "ikea furniture offgassing"

finding the calcified bits of self and selves, and crushing them between jagged-toothed jaws

finished the epilogue quest in hades last night and we're still gonna keep playing. this game feels like a modern masterpiece from stem to stern. ♥

[file] corruption, software snuff?, slightly horny 

slowly, randomly flipping bits in a file and feeling a little rush of pleasure once the degree of corruption passes what the encoding schema's error correction can tolerate

sifting through the room of forgotten words, trying to make sense of our own decayed and decaying speech

we honestly love building shit with fox because it ends up being silly curmudgeonly banter the whole way down, and at the end of it we get new furniture or electronics or software or whatever

datasheets that look like summoning circles/magic incantations

An easily noticed trend is that any time someone complains about people using the tools of moderation provided to them by Mastodon--the inadequate tools, I might add--they come up with something like "this is going to confuse people from Twitter," or "we need to bring people from Twitter over here." Oh? We 'need' to bring people from Twitter over here? Why, exactly, do we 'need' to do that if your proposal is that the solution to Mastodon's problems is to make it just like Twitter?

Hentai idea: Huh? My Hot New Transbian Communist Stepmom Wants To Force-Prole Me?!?

nsfw, threatening, vore, deicide 

me as a dragon: I’m so unbearably ravenous that I am going to tear my way through this entire town until I find something cute enough to eat, and if their gods try to interfere I’ll eat them too

other people when they see my dragon: uwu pretty ness

a kind of chemical reaction, that burns slower or quicker depending on how much you try to inhibit it... but it cannot be denied forever.

like the person you were was unstable and had a high potential energy, but lower usable energy. the right spark at the right time knocks something loose, releases enough energy to spark something else apart, and then you have a chain reaction.

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