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stephenson is very much a guilty pleasure for us, but by gods does he radiate cranky libertarian uncle vibes

brb writing a ten thousand page scifi epic about how ultimately only smart people are good, complete with self insert characters both for myself and my favorite public scientist, and a fifty page monologue about how not jacking it is the foundation of western culture

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This is my favorite part of the Wikipedia article about the Messier 104 galaxy.
Professional astronomers go β€œOwO, what’s this?”

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Let’s try to be active again, haha!

Shares and feedback mean the world <3

gosh wouldn't it be cool to just essentialise an otherwise unremarkable intrusion crisis with extremely vague anticap connotations and run with that uncritically for the rest of our life

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smash the clock that's been growing inside of you

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replacing the word "process" with "princess" from now on

Princess Explorer
Princess Monitor
Princess Hacker
and last (but not least)
Princess of Elimination

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Prose from a sacred scavenger - on compassion, connection and truth (the light side) 

Anyway, I feel like opening this to a slightly wider audience since I think I might -actually- be finding some wisdom. Also that this is actually a pretty significant day of the year for me.

But I'd like you, if you can, to take a moment. Think about the people around you, family, friends, kindred spirits. Think about anyone who has taken you in, taught you to survive. Think about the the medical staff that's shown care when you're sick, helped you embrace yourself if you're transitioning or similar. Think about your support network, the critters who let you cry on their shoulders, and the ones who throw the parties and set up the spaces where we share joy.

None of us go it alone, and we all depend on one another to make this life worthwhile.

(And if you have a guess as to what inspired this, I have an equally important flipside to add to that.)


cinnamint flavored spiro tabs would fucking rock, actually

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Pan-frying is best left to pansexuals, we know what we're doing. After all, I for one have been in a triad with a wok and a cast-iron skillet for 10 years.

manufacturing uselessly obscure frontiers to feed our insatiable hunger for novelty and exploration

queering the casserole/stuffing/bake trinary

growing up, our folks didn't seem to care much which way the tape was facing when they jammed it into the stereo, so our experience of most albums as a kid was a kind of eternal loop (or loops) of song that had a minimum of two entry points

sometimes we would latch onto one starting point as our favorite, but there wasn't really a strong pattern one way or the other — paul simon's graceland, for instance, felt very strongly to us like the ordering should have been B→A, and we didn't realize it was the other way around until we first heard it on CD years later

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in this house we listen to side b first

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