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need to get new jeans tonight. still not brave enough to wear skirts to work, but our jeans are threatening to tear in a way that is difficult to repair, and we're otherwise functionally pantsless

on average, on a given day, you would say you are...

slipping off the edge of the skyscraper-topping infinity woo pool and landing safely in a smaller bucket of woo positioned on the ground below

buying a new above-ground woo pool from rite aid and absolutely filling it to the brim with baby ducks

removing the ladder from the in-ground woo pool

:duck: how to discuss fervent desire to destroy everything with form or name without sounding overly edgy

would love to crack out of our body like an egg and devour all life in the cosmos without hesitation or mercy

the fediverse doesn't have enough gifs of monster trucks

thinking about group beauty party but grooming our fur and scales and painting claws

*deploys MalO v1.0 to all enterprise-managed devices*

bonobo please release more music so i can feel cool and melancholy in a fresh new way

i'm certain we've posted this before, but tough luck we're posting it again

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love both this song and the video, the latter of which conveys a distressing but comfortingly familiar kind of broken-time psychedelic panic
bonobo β€” kerala

pers, +, writing some stuff out 

this past year has put me even more firmly than usual into a pattern of retrospective and self-analytical writing, which was and is okay and contextually useful, but now that the figurative fire has been moved in such a way that it no longer restricts my movement or ability to physically network, we are so looking forward to new, shinier opportunities for mischief and adventure. just need to start putting some newer, less serious irons in the fire. not that one. the other fire. the good one.

Qoheleth is on sale on Amazon for under $5 for both ebook AND paperback! If you've been considering picking up a copy but need to keep an eye on your budget, give it a look :D

And hey, I've already been paid for the full price, so, bonus~

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